Refresh for the Holidays

With the holidays nearly around the corner, not only do we want to look our best, but dressing up our space for entertaining friends and family is usually at the top of our list this time of year. Are we right? So where do you begin?… Updating your lighting is a perfect place to start!

Let’s begin with the foyer, where you will be welcoming your guests! Now, why not dress up this area with a little sparkle…or a lot? Select your light fixtures as an accent, such as you would jewelry and spark some pretty great first impressions. Don’t forget the function of the lighting for any space. Is the fixture embellishment only, or task lighting as well?

Be sure to do your research or reach out to a designer and get the right size fixture for your space. Fixture size, should be selected knowing your room size, and ceiling height. You may be able to do a full size chandelier, or you may be limited for height. Depending on your ceiling height, there are many options available.

Now we don’t know about you, but during the holidays we spend most of our time in the kitchen! Baking…cooking…eating LOL, but mostly we gather around our island with friends & family to enjoy a nice spread of deliciousness. The ambiance has to be right. Lighting plays a huge role here. Sure you have your pot lights, but the dimmed hanging pendants is what makes all the difference.

The island pendants are those pieces that tie everything in your kitchen together. While there are a lot of finishes in a kitchen that bring everything together, the pendants hanging over your beautiful island are the focal point & if they are extra gorgeous it will no doubt be talked about! One question our team at Façade always gets asked is “Do I have to match my hardware with my barstool legs and my fixtures?” Nope. Mixing metals is totally OK – with confidence and done properly of course!

For those of you who may not have an open concept layout with an island OR perhaps a good ol’ fashioned sit down style meal is your thing for the holidays…. This brings us to the dining room. Most importantly the lighting in here should be soft and subtle, yet enough light to see what you’re eating of course! Placing a single chandelier over the table is traditional, however the possibilities are endless! Pendants as seen here create such a cozy and inviting feel in this space with just the right amount of bling.

When the holiday party settles and you retire to the parlor, having a few elegant lamps or sconces around will create a warm atmosphere so your guests feel comfortable and want to stay…but not too long, hopefully!

As the holidays are fizzling out, and the décor comes down, the beauty of your timeless lighting selections will shine on through the New Year and for many years to come!